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Rave with us!

Event Details

No.1 Headquarters, 39 Corunna Avenue Brisbane, Australia. 
(5 mins from CBD)
15th June 2024

Event Description

NOVAH 🇧🇪 is a female hard techno DJ and producer based in Antwerp, Belgium. With an international presence, she graces Europe's most prestigious DJ booths, leaving an indelible mark on the global electronic music scene.  Already making waves in the industry, NOVAH has released her first track on the esteemed Taapion label, curated by the artist Shlømo.


This milestone is just the beginning, as she continues to work on upcoming releases that are set to captivate listeners.  NOVAH's artistry knows no boundaries as she fearlessly explores a diverse range of genres, seamlessly blending elements of acid, industrial, psy-trance, and techno. However, what truly sets her apart is her unmatched ability to harness energy and exercise precise control, evident in every performance she delivers.   Prepare to be taken on a captivating musical journey that defies expectations.

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