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Inspired by the techno I-SO heard and experienced in Berlin and many European cities, he fell in love with the sound and wanted to experience it in Sydney.

BLACK NOIR has always started with intention of brining a new techno sound to Sydney! We have been working hard ever since to tour artists and provide a platform for hard techno music here.

The brand has grown since its inception in late 2021 to become the leading label and brand for Hard Techno in Sydney.

The CAGE CAST and SoundCloud initiatives are part of a many faceted strategy to help improve the Techno music culture and scene here in Sydney.

We look forward to having more local techno producers release on our label and help push them to succeed!

We are excited for the future of Techno in Sydney and welcome you to be a part of the journey!

This YouTube channel features interviews with artists and our Cage Cast vivisual mix series too!

We plan to add lots more to this channel in the coming months with more video content from our club events and interviews with artists!

Our latest interview features Lukas Meunier a Berlin based DJ. A very established and talented producer with some very exciting projects in the works.

It was a pleasure to host him in Sydney for his debut down under!

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